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    • Rattan sideboard

      For rent : Rattan sideboard, 3 shelves on foot. Ideal for your events, weddings, parties, showcases, shoots, press days, … Good condition.

    • Small Rattan Shelf Estrella

      For rent : Nice little vintage shelf in rattan. 3 woven wicker trays of 54 x 24 cm with 21 cm height between them. To be placed or hung. Ideal…

    • Small rattan shelf Eode

      For rent : Nice little corner shelf in rattan, dates from the 60s-70s, vintage. Three trays allow for multiple storage spaces. Can be hung with the 2 hooks or left…

    • Wall shelf (3)

      For rent : Tomado style shelf made of 2 black metal “ladder” uprights and 3 sheet metal boards: one red, one black and one white. Traces of use on the…

    • Donatienne trolley

      For rent : Old rolling vintage sideboard, wood and brass structure. Consisting of 2 trays in dark brown imitation wood formica, 2 large baked plastic wheels and 2 casters, all…

    • Daphna trolley

      For rent: Rolling sideboard with two trays. It folds completely. Trays formica way and color wood. Black metal and brass frame. Very good condition.  

    • Doryanne Rolling Cart

      For rent : Rolling sideboard, vintage, original brass structure supporting a large tray and a small shelf in dark brown imitation wood formica belted with gold metal. Dating from the…

    • Djodie trolley

      For rent : Very beautiful small table, 2 trays in formica imitation wood of dark color, the frame in brass, from the 60s. For rent to create atmospheres for your…

    • DENISE trolley

      For rent: Brass trolley. 3 floors, glass top. 4 wheels. Dimensions of the shelves l 60 x L 39,9 x Ep 0,9 cm. In good condition.

    • Sandy sculptor’s selette

      For rent : Wooden carver’s chair with traces of paint and turntable. Ideal to create your atmosphere, wedding, party, showcase, event, shooting, press day, … Good condition.

    • Selette Sabrina

      For rent : Selette in natural wood. Fixed rectangular shape tray with white trace on it visible on the picture, nothing bad. 4 feet for good stability. Ideal to create…

    • Selette Sidonie

      For rent : SUROY brand selette, brick red color, made of riveted fibered vulcanized cardboard, with top and bottom galvanized steel straps to reinforce the tube. Object of industrial trade,…

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