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    • Marine world: vintage buoy


      Real old lifebuoy for a very original decoration in the maritime universe (see also our oars, floats, fishing nets). Each one is unique, contact us to make your selection

    • Marine universe: vintage oars


      Authentic old wooden paddle(s) for a very original decoration in the theme of the maritime universe. Each one is unique, sold individually or in pairs, contact us to make your…

    • Marine world: vintage glass float


      Glass fishermen’s floats, still wrapped in the original ropes. They were used until the 1950s to hold nets on the surface. Size and color may vary slightly, we will make…

    • Marine world: vintage fishing net


      To complete the panoply of the maritime unives, here are our vintage fishing nets. Perfect to hang on the wall or in the window and create a successful atmosphere. Variable…

    • Pair of old skis


      Large collection of antique wooden skis each season. Beautiful patinas, authentic attachments. Leather and wood are used to create a snowy atmosphere. Each pair is unique, some come with their…

    • Pair of vintage snowshoes


      Pair of wooden snowshoes, rope and braid. Some models still have the original leather straps. Contact us to make a selection

    • Pair of ice skates


      In our vintage sports offer, we find old leather ice skates. We prefer the elegant figure skating models. As a decorative element, the size is not an important criterion according…

    • old sledge

      60,00 95,00 

      Large collection of old wooden sleds, 100% handmade. Beautiful patinas to create striking winter atmospheres. Each sledge is unique, contact us to make your selection

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