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    • Vintage zinc bucket

      18,00 25,00 

      The most versatile item in our “zinc” category. Our buckets make great containers for small plants or trees. Hyper resistant, they do not rust or crack even when exposed to…

    • Zinc broc


      Zinc broc that can also be used as an umbrella holder, large vase or simply as a decorative object, inside or outside. Multiple uses are possible. These objects generally have…

    • Zinc milk can


      In our “Garden & Outdoor” category, our small milk jugs with lid and handle, all made of aluminum or zinc, can be transformed into a vase or a simple decorative…

    • Vintage zinc basin (different sizes)

      35,00 70,00 

      Zinc containers never cease to amaze with their multiple possibilities and their resistance. Hyper resistant, they do not rust or crack even when exposed to the worst of the elements.…

    • Antique zinc bathtub (2 variations)

      180,00 300,00 

      In the zinc family, let’s find this unexpected object that is the bathtub. While it can still be a place for bathing, it can also become decorative whether you decide…

    • Zinc watering can


      The watering can that combines function and style, I give you the zinc watering can. Whether you want to use it for real or to create a country atmosphere, it…

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