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    • Serviteurs

      Serviteurs en verre pour tartes et gâteaux Diamètres et hauteurs variables Prix HT/pièce

    • Ice bucket

      Glass or crystal ice buckets with a handle, mainly in chrome. For a bar accessory with a retro look, around 1970s. But also to present your bouquets, cutlery etc. Variable…

    • Vintage glass pitchers

      In the family of decanters, manufactured and still used in many countries, our glass pitchers can enhance a table as well as bouquets of flowers. Variable capacities, from 0.5l to…

    • Vintage stoneware pitchers

      As a material, stoneware is timeless. Its decorative potential gives it multiple possibilities for your displays or those of your customers. Variable dimensions. Each one is unique, contact us to…

    • Vintage whiskey decanters

      Each decanter has a sophisticated design that will highlight your liquids. The quality of the glass or crystal makes the object sparkle and attract the eye. Each model is unique.…

    • Wine carafe

      If you want to enjoy wine in the right way, a decanter is a must. Knowing that it can always be reconverted into a vase, between 2 watered meals. Each…

    • Hermetic glass jars

      In a thick and resistant glass, closed by a glass lid with a traditional metal closure, our jars have small differences in size or tone, which make them unique. Variable…

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