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    • Rattan screen

      For rent: Old rattan screen composed of five panels with ties on the top that cross. Length of a panel 50 cm. Ideal to create a dressing area for weddings,…

    • Jouy screen

      For rent: Screen 3 panels, wooden frame and toile de Jouy on both sides. Two-way hinges. Length of a panel 56,5 cm. Ideal to create a dressing room for your…

    • Leather screen

      For rent : Rust colored leather screen, gendarme hat shape (curved lines), vintage with upholstery nails. 4 panels held together by a leather band and studded. Length of a panel…

    • Moroccan screen

      For rent : Nice Moroccan screen, with 2 leaves, water green color. The interior all carved wood a beautiful work, with beautiful colors orange, blue, Dimensions: Length of a panel…

    • Paravent persienne en bois

      En location : Paravent persienne en bois à 3 panneaux de couleur gris avec des persiennes fixes sur toute la hauteur. Les charnières sont à inversion de sens, ceci permet…

    • Paravent Baumann

      En location : Authentique paravent baumann à vagues, formé de lattes en bois verni articulées, datant des années 50. Ondulations pleines de charme. Il s’enroule sur lui-même pour former un…

    • Screen (2)

      For rent : 2 wooden screens with 4 panels each. They can follow each other to make a large, flat paneled wall or they can be used in an accordion…

    • Wooden window

      For rent : Large old window in wood and corrugated glass. Old grey and white patina. Ideal to create your atmosphere, wedding, party, showcase, event, shooting, press day, … In…

    • Large wooden door

      For rent : Large wooden door, ideal for a country decoration as a support of a table plan or for photo-booth decoration or other… In its juice.

    • Portes de métro

      En location : Très jolie portes de métro parisien, type Sprague-Thomson des années 1920, en bois vernis, loquet de fermeture des portes en laiton. La partie supérieur est vitrée et…

    • Old black book (6)

      For rent : Antique books of “Revues des deux mondes” in blue and black leather.

    • Set of 3 large antique books

      For rent : Lot of 3 large old books. Ideal to create your atmosphere, wedding, party, showcase, event, shooting, press day, … Good condition.

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