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    • Marcassin

      For rent : Small marcassin wearing a beige coat with dark stripes, on a wooden base (W 45.5 x L 24.5 x H 6.3 cm. From my personal collection. Ideal…

    • Baby boy

      For rent : Cute little stuffed fox, brown/red coat, silky, soft and dense. From my personal collection. Ideal to create your atmosphere, lounge, party, showcase, event, shooting, press day, ……

    • Insect frame

      For rent : Black wood and glass frame with a series of insects and butterflies inside.

    • Insect frame (3)

      For rent : Dark wood and glass frame with a series of beautiful butterflies inside W 42.3 x W 4.1 x H 31.2 cm. Black wood and glass frame with…

    • Butterfly frame

      For rent : Wood and glass frame with large butterflies inside.

    • Wooden box Constance (50)

      For rent : Rental of old wooden apple crates with 2 holes on each side in the form of a handle. Ideal for your storage: to be used alone or…

    • Clarisse wooden box (3)

      For rent : 3 wooden boxes. Originally, for the transport of bottles. But they can also contain magazines, vases, … IT’S UP TO YOU! Dimensions: – 41 x 38 x…

    • Paint pallet (4)

      For rent : Paint pallets with traces of old paint on them. 2 pallet formats: – 3 rectangular : 37 x 27.5 – 1 oval : 27 x 19 Ideal…

    • Jar of brushes (2)

      For rent : Transparent glass jar, made of used brushes of different shapes and sizes. Ideal to create your atmosphere, wedding, party, showcase, shooting, press day, … Good condition.

    • Paint box (x7)

      For rent : Wooden paint boxes. With used paint tubes inside. Dimensions: – W 23,5 x L 27,5 x H 5, – W 17 x L 27,5 x H 7…

    • Laboratory set

      For rent : Set of 4 glass laboratory utensils: 3 funnels of different diameters and 1 glassware. In very good condition. Price for the lot. To rent to create your…

    • Siphon (3)

      Location: Blue glass siphons. Dimensions: 33.5 x 12 x12 30 x 10 x 10 30 x 10 x 10 Ideal to create your atmosphere, wedding, party, showcase, event, shooting, press…

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